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Brooks Wallace.
Resides in Gypsum, Colorado
Born in St.Louis, Mo.
Outdoor enthusiast

My name is Brooks Wallace and I am the owner and founder of Timberwolf Collection. I was 22 years old when I moved to CO in 1983 to help build an off the grid, hand crafted log cabin. The materials we used were indigenous to the site. This is where I learned the basics of draw knifing, chain saw milling and coping methods. During this time, I realized my passion and talent for woodworking. For the next few years I worked in construction while continuing to pursue log crafting as a hobby. Eventually, I realized I didn't want to work in construction forever and came to the realization that my hobby could become a full fledged business.

In 1992, I established Timberwolf Collection and have not looked back. I started with creating custom made, log crafted furniture and railing, and I continue to excel in these areas today. Over the years, I have also evolved my craft to include smaller, everyday household items such as cutting boards, coasters, and picture frames. Basically, if a client desires something that is log crafted, I do my best to provide it and work with them throughout the process to ensure their satisfaction.

With Timberwolf Collection, I strive to create unique, quality pieces of work often using materials that are indigenous to our beautiful mountain surroundings. This includes but is certainly not limited to Colorado beetle kill pine, spruce and scrub oak, cedar, and aspen. If you've been looking for unique or traditional log work, look no further than Timberwolf Collection. Whether it be one of my innovative designs or a one of a kind, I'll work with you on any budget or theme to ensure your complete satisfaction.

E.B. Wallace

At Timberwolf Collection....
"We have mastered the art of rustic construction"
Let us be your custom log furniture builders !

The Timberwolf Collection is a member of the Colorado Forest Products Association and the Beetle Kill Trade Association."

If you invest wisely in beauty, it will remain with you all the days of your life.
-Frank Loyd Wright
TimberWolf Collections is a Beetle Kill Trade Association Member
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